Dan Somers Cattle stock

Dan & Danny Somers 

Danny & Dan Somers farm at Barnacleagh, outside Arklow, Co. Wicklow. They milk between 230-240 montbeliarde cows on a holding of 200 acres. Replacement heifers and heifer calves are kept and the males and continental females are sold on. 

Richard Austin 

We got interested in the Montbeliarde breed when we were unable to maintain herd numbers due to unsustainable empty rates and poor fertility from my Fr X Hol herd but we did not want to loose the capacity to produce plenty of quality milk, to produce a valuable calf every year of a long productive life and still have a valuable cull cow. 

Ross & Melainie McNiven 

We’ve had Montbeliardes on our farm since the early ‘90s when my mum and dad bought some Montbeliarde heifers from France. They also bought some Montbeliarde embryos back then. By using Montbeliarde bulls on the dairy herd, by the end of the ‘90s the whole herd was Montbeliarde or Montbeilarde Cross. 

Alan Hanbidge 

My name is Alan Hanbidge. I farm in Brockna, Kiltegan, Co.Wicklow with my daughter Linda and son Gordon. The Hanbidge Family have been farming here since 1850 and I am the 5th generation to farm here. 

Ann Fitzgerald 

Hi my name is Ann Fitzgerald and I’m secretary of the Montbeliarde Society. I farm with my hubby John in Gobbinstown, New Ross, Co. Wexford. 
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