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Application Form 


Rules of Procedure 

Adopted 11th October 2023 

1. The herd book of the Montbeliarde Society shall maintain: 

a) The information of an animal’s pedigree and performance. 
b) Such other information as the council of the Society may from time to time decide. 

2. Breeder Participation in the Montbeliarde breeding programme 

To be accepted as a breeder to participate on the Montbeliarde breeding programme an applicant must be the owner of a purebred Montbeliarde animal and located in the geographical territory covered by the breeding programme. Each person on being admitted as a breeder shall be given a copy of the current Rules of Procedure and Breeding Programme. All breeders are required to be on a direct debit payment system. To become a breeder please contact the Herdbook Secretary and the application forms, ICBF release form and direct debit forms will be sent to you. 
At application each breeder or member will get a herd prefix of their choice. 
Breeders have the option to become a member of the Society and this will afford them additional benefits for services provided by the Society. These benefits will include reduced registration fees and admittance to specific member sales. Members shall have the right to participate in the defining and development of the breeding programme by attending meetings and joining the council. Membership fees are paid on annual basis and if a member does not pay their fees by due date they are treated as a breeder. To be reinstated as a member, a submission to council for consideration in writing must be made. The result of this review will be emailed to the applicant following a council meeting. 

3. Rights & Obligations of the Breeder 

Breeders participating in the breeding programme shall have the right: 
(a) to have their purebred breeding animals entered in the main section of the breeding book 
(b) to participate in performance testing and genetic evaluation 
(c) to be provided with a zootechnical certificate on request. 
(d) on request, to be provided, with up-to-date results of the performance testing and genetic evaluation for their breeding animals, where those results are available 
(e) to have access to all the other services provided in relation to the breeding programme 
Breeders shall have the right to exercise free choice in the selection and breeding of their breeding animals and to have ownership of their breeding animals. 

4. Rights & Obligations of Breed Society 

1. As regards the breeding programme approved, the Montbeliarde Cattle Society shall have the right to define and carry out such breeding programmes autonomously, where they comply with EU Animal Breeding Regulations and any conditions of their approval. 
2. The Montbeliarde Cattle Society shall have the right to exclude breeders from participating in their breeding programme where those breeders fail to comply with the rules of their breeding programme or with the obligations set out in these rules of procedure. 
3. The Montbeliarde Cattle Society shall have the right to exclude breeders from membership where those breeders fail to comply with their obligations set out in these rules of procedure. 
4. The Montbeliarde Cattle Society shall, without prejudice to the role of the courts, have a responsibility to settle disputes that may arise between breeders, and between breeders and the breed society, in the process of carrying out their breeding programmes, in accordance with these rules of procedure. (See Appeals Procedure below) 

5. Non Discrimination 

The Society will operate in a non-discriminatory fashion towards its breeders. Purebred breeding animals entered in breeding books by breed societies or breeding bodies for that breed, and the offspring produced from germinal products of such breeding animals, shall be entered or eligible for entry without discrimination on account of their country of origin in the Irish Montbeliarde breeding book. 

6. Appeals 

Where a breeder considers he or she has been unfairly treated, on payment of the appropriate fee as per schedule, they can have their case considered by an appeals committee. The appeals committee shall be composed of breeders not involved with the dispute and/or experts appointed by the board. 

Appeals Procedure as follows 

Stage 1 
A breeder who feels aggrieved in relation to any matter pertaining to Society business should, in the first instance, write to the Chairman of the Council of the Society, making it clear, that stage 1 of the appeal procedure is being invoked. The Chairman will reply as soon as is reasonably practicable, but in any case within 30 days from receipt of the letter from the appellant. 
Stage 2 
If the grievance is not resolved at stage 1 or a reply is not forthcoming from the Council Chairman within 30 days, the breeder(s) may request in writing that at their next council meeting, the council allow the breeder(s) to attend the meeting during the period that the grievance has been considered. The breeder will be allowed to make an oral submission on the grievance. The council will then reconsider the issue and must communicate its decision to the appellant within 30 days. 
Stage 3 
If the issue remains unresolved after stage 2, the breeder(s) may request an independent hearing. The council shall grant such a hearing. Appeals at stage 3 will be heard by an individual or group of individuals with appropriate expertise agreed by both parties to the dispute. From the date of appointment of the person(s) hearing the appeal, the case will be heard and the decision taken will be communicated to both parties within three months. The person(s) hearing the case will decide on the appointment of costs, as appropriate. 
Stage 4 
Any dispute that remains unresolved after stage 3 maybe pursued by invoking provisions under the legal personality of the Society: ICOS. (1963 companies act as well or just ICOS) 

7. Alteration of Society’s Rules of Procedure. 

The council retains the right to alter or amend the Rules of Procedure and Breeding Programme. 
These rules may be altered by the Board from time to time provided board members shall have received notification of the intention to propose an amendment at the same time as notification of the relevant board meeting is received. Any alteration, addition, deletion or other amendment of these rules shall be notified to each breeder within two weeks of the change being approved by the board. These rules shall also be notified to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for approval to insure adherence to EU Animal Breeding Legislation. 
The Society expects all its breeders to abide by the rules regulations and standards established by the Society. 
Revised October 2023 
For more information about the Montbeliarde Cattle Society of Ireland and our offerings, please explore our website or contact us directly. We are here to assist you in any way we can. 
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